Mugsy’s Winter of Our Discontent

I have been away a lot on business this winter. My wife misses me quite a bit but I think my cat misses me more. He follows me around the house giving me heck. MeOOOOWAHWOOWeeeYow!!!!!

…Cats have quite the vocabulary when they are not ignoring you…

Mugsy likes to be outside. Winter means no place to wander and no place to go to the bathroom. He gets quite anxious and paces the house when it is too cold to go outside. Meow! meoww!!! MEOWWWWW!!!!!!  He still goes out until his ears freeze and he is standing on just one foot…We let him out many many times… He always “forgets” he was out recently…

His desire to mark his territory means he does it inside instead of outside. BAD CAT! We will replace our old carpet after Mugsy has passed on. He loves shredding the indoor outdoor with his claws BAD CAT!!! I keep his kitty litter box cleaned but sometimes yah gottah make your mark in life…

He throws up on the rug-poor guy…. Katie doesn’t like cleaning the sick up. We give Sears carpet cleaning a lot of business…. I really love when the sick up contains mousey or birdy bits..yum yum…

He likes to get up on the kitchen counter at lick the butter dish ugggh. BAD CAT!!! It does motivate us to keep the kitchen clean and put away food promptly.

He will be 15 years old this summer. I keep waiting for him to slow down. He still leaps over the fence and visits the neighbours yards and leaves his signature mounds.

He does a really great job catching mice and voles in the yard. He sits on the crusty spring snow and listens for the mice nests and traffic. His ears twitch back and forth, back and forth….

In the spring and fall our yard is a killing field.Headless little torsos lined up on the patio. Or even better displayed in the hallway. There is nothing like stepping on a gushy mouse body in the middle of the night in bare feet…..

With all that said. I will miss him when he is gone. When he looks at me with his big green eyes, I know what he is thinking…what are you doing for me lately? …or I am your god worship me!!!! But when you have  had a crappy day …he is there to sit in your lap and be adored. No time to feel sorry for yourself….

Here is to Sir Mugsy. Live long and prosper my friend…May spring come early this yearIMG_0402

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